Fine artist from Sundarban | Art gallery in Sundarban

Fine artist from Sundarban | Art gallery in Sundarban

Fine artist from Sundarban | Art gallery in Sundarban

During the Sundarban art recarch project field visitto Mangrove Arts, Sundarbans, I interviewed many artist who have lived and worked among the people of the delta. One among them was the Bijoynagar, Gosaba Fine artist Asgar Molla and His art group (Mangrove Arts). He was an outstanding personality very cheerful, full with life; co-operative and courteous young aged man.

He was born in Bijoynagar, Gosaba and studied from kolkata university. Over the past 15 years He has been painting sketches that capture the very edifice of rural life in the Sundarban life. His portraits cover subaltern themes like- adivasiwomens, fakirs, mangrove forest, mangrove painting, coastal water and country boat. His paintings have been displayed widely in Indian and abroad from online exibition. His style belongs to Bengal art (Sundarban Art). Besides being an accomplished artist He is a designer and editor. He does Graphic designing, plaster casting, wall painting, Oil painting, terra cotta, port painting, batik painting, fabric painting and etc about sundarban.

His pictorial life is very different. From childhood one has to spend with adverse conditions. It is really a difficult task to nurture an artist in a remote village like the Sundarbans. Even today the communication system of the Sundarbans is very bad. The only way was online work. He is not a human being, the whole world is at hand through online. Gradually I got acquainted with many artists, worked with them and won people’s hearts.

With his paintings and designs, he has traveled to various parts of India, including Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore and many other places. The mentality of knowing different paintings from an early age still works equally well. Introduced to various artists and art of Delhi, the next plan is Sundarbans painting, and here human life.

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